Viva Las Vegas – Collaborate 2016

It’s that time of year again, time to spend a few days in Las Vegas at Collaborate with some of the top Oracle experts and exercise your brain (and your feet)! I will be heading out in a few days and have a great schedule lined up!

Collaborate 16

This year will be a little different as I’m representing two products.   For a while now I’ve been working more on Oracle Management Cloud, which is our new cloud services for Log Analytics, IT Analytics and Application Performance Monitoring.   These services are complimentary to your existing Oracle Enterprise Manager solution.  From a DBA perspective, I’m especially excited about IT Analytics, as it’s an answer to many of the questions we get asked about long-term performance, capacity and resource data that Oracle Enterprise Manager collects.  We will have a demo booth, as well as a session on Monday at 10:30 in Palm B – Oracle Management Cloud: Next-Generation Monitoring, Management and Analytics.   Be sure to attend this session to hear about what Oracle Management Cloud has to offer!   You can also learn more about the Oracle Management Cloud services here.

As always, there’s a lot of excellent Oracle Enterprise Manager sessions this year!  If you’re in Las Vegas on Sunday morning, be sure to register for the Hands-on Lab: Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager I Learned at COLLABORATE.   We’ll start at 9am with an overview of EM 13c and work on new features in target properties, dynamic groups, creating gold agent images, tablespace corrective actions, and more!  You won’t want to miss out on this one!  Be sure to pre-register as space is limited.

Here’s where you’ll find me:

Sunday – 9-1 – Hands-on Lab: Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager I Learned at COLLABORATE

Monday – 10:30am Palm B – Oracle Management Cloud: Next-Generation Monitoring, Management and Analytics – Learn about the latest offering in IT Operations Management – Log Analytics, IT Analytics and Application Performance Monitoring.

Tuesday – 4:45pm Palm B – Building a High-Available Enterprise Manager system with Werner de Gruyter – This session is a must attend for anybody who needs to build or maintain a highly available Enterprise Manager.

Wednesday – 8:00am Palm B – Oracle Enterprise Manager Security: a Practitioners Guide – Rise and shine with my session on how to make Enterprise Manager security work for your company in more ways than one!

For a full list of Oracle Management Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Manager demos, labs, sessions and SIG meetings be sure to save or print this handy schedule!   Don’t worry, if you’re not heading to Las Vegas, you can still catch my session by registering for the IOUG Virtual Forum!

I will also be on the Oracle demo grounds either at the Oracle Enterprise Manager booth or Oracle Management Cloud booth.   If you follow me on twitter or read my blog and we haven’t met in person, stop by and say hi!

Enterprise Manager at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

You might have heard by now, there’s this little meeting coming up in 9 days called Oracle Open World.  If you happen to be heading to San Francisco, drop by and see a few friends, or 50,000.

Be sure to register for my session!  This year will be a little different as I’ll be running a panel with 4 Enterprise Manager Champions!

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Effectively to Become an Oracle Enterprise Manager Champion [CON9711]

Joseph Kopilash, Director, Database Administration, Epsilon Data Management LLC
Steve Meredith, Boeing Oracle Enterprise Manager Service Manager, Boeing
Tyler Sharp, Technology Architect, Cerner
Eric Siglin, Senior Database Administrator, Electric Reliability Council of Texas

In this panel discussion, customers share their experiences with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and discuss how they’ve implemented features leading to significant cost savings and operational efficiency. Get started with deployment and management of agents and establishing initial thresholds for alerting. Simplify administration of users with active directory integration. Maintain security standards and increased productivity by patching fleets of databases and stay current with critical patch updates. Learn from customers how they’ve made use of out-of-the-box and custom reports to manage engineered systems, database, and middleware targets by exception. Benefit from these top customer dos and don’ts.

Wednesday, Oct 28, 11:00 a.m. | Moscone South—104

When not presenting or meeting with customers, you’ll find me at the Engineered Systems Showcase or Hybrid Cloud Management: Single Pane of Glass for Complete Management—On-Premises and Public Cloud (SLD-026) booths.  Be sure to stop by and say hi!

For the full list of EM related sessions, you can refer to the Focus On docs.    Here’s some highlights of other sessions you’ll find interesting!

For those of you who arrive on on Saturday, or early Sunday… and aren’t drawn away by the beautiful city of San Francisco, check out the IOUG SIG Sunday sessions that are going on all day Sunday!   Watch out, they’re no longer restricted to Moscone West rooms!  Here’s a few I’m going to try to get to!

8amAlfredo Krieg delivers Monitor Engineered Systems from a Single Pane of Glass: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c [UGF10288] in Moscone South 270

10amErik Benner/Wassim Kayrala deliver Database Cloud in a Box—DBaaS on Oracle Database Appliance [UGF10279] in Moscone South 270

12pmRene Antunez delivers Private Cloud Provisioning Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c [UGF9959] in Moscone South 305

1:30pmRay Smith delivers You’ve Got It—Flaunt It: Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility [UGF9930] in Moscone South 305


12:15pmOracle Enterprise Manager: The Complete Solution and Oracle’s Best-Kept Secrets [CON9715] in Moscone South 300

Hear from Amit Ganesh, VP of Development for EM.

1:30pm – Managing at Hyper-Scale: Oracle Enterprise Manager as the Nerve Center of Oracle Cloud [CON9710] in Moscone South 300

Hear about how the Oracle Cloud relies on Oracle Enterprise Manager, and learn best practices for any implementation!

5-6pm – Join your fellow EM enthusiasts in the OTN Lounge (Moscone South) for the IOUG EM SIG.   Don’t worry if you’re not a member yet, stop by and get to know some of the folks you see on Twitter or hear speaking!


11amGeneral Session: Oracle Management Cloud—Real-Time Monitoring, Log, and IT Operations Analytics [GEN9778] in Moscone South 102

Definitely a must attend event!  Learn about Oracle’s newest offering Oracle Management Cloud.


After my session at 11am, there’s a lot going on at 12:15pm but if you’re interested in monitoring, I’d recommend  Way Beyond the Basics: Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring Best Practices [CON9721] in Moscone South 300.


ECO 2015 Presentation

Had a great few days in Raleigh presenting and attending at the East Coast Oracle Users Group!    We ran out of time in the hand on lab, so if you’re looking for the metric and monitoring labs, you can find those in this post.    I’ve added my slides to slide share below




Get the Most from OpenWorld… Or any conference.

Before working for Oracle on the EM team, I was a DBA. I got the chance to go to OpenWorld twice in that role. My first time I was a newbie. I spent a lot of time going to sessions and trying to learn. I walked the demo grounds and came home with lots of junk, but didn’t really get involved or talk to the technical people there, or anybody really!

Having worked OOW for the last 4 years, I have a different perspective. I still enjoy going to sessions (when I can) and learning about new features or products that I don’t have much experience in. There’s so many sessions you could stay busy all day long!  While some folks complain about sessions not being technical enough or deep enough, I disagree.  I find the quality of sessions to be pretty equivalent to other conferences I’ve been to.  I think you have to take a look at the abstract and speaker, and make a decision based on that, not all Oracle people are sales.   You also have to realize it’s about 40 min +/- with time for questions.  The idea is to introduce a new concept or idea, and give you the background to research further and implement.  There’s very few sessions that are going to be an step-by-step guide to implement a feature in 40 minutes.

If you feel the sessions are too general, and you haven’t signed up for one of the Hands-On-Labs, you’re missing out.   The HOL are designed to showcase common use cases and allow you to walk through a feature, such as DBaaS or Middleware Diagnostics.   The rooms are usually limited to 40 or 50 participants, and again, there really bright people there ready and willing to help you out and answer questions.

One thing I feel most people don’t take advantage of is the tremendous number of technical resources that are standing around on the demo grounds!  Yea, Oracle booths are boring because we don’t give away blinkie martini glasses, or iPads or anything. We expect you to just want to talk tech.  I know first-hand that some of the brightest, technical minds are standing at those Oracle booths waiting to talk to customers.  Maybe you want to see the demo on the feature they’re talking about, or maybe you want to talk about what your company is doing or needs to do.  The product managers and developers are there, all day long… for you – the customer.  Now don’t come up with your list of SRs that you’re stuck on, but think about the use cases that you’re stuck on, or that one thing that the product is missing to make it complete in your world.  Reach out, meet the people who create and code the products you’re using.  Get involved, introduce yourself.  If you follow Oracle people on Twitter or LinkedIn, or follow their blogs, say hi and thanks.   Then you can move on and find the free FitBit.

Also, get involved with a Users Group or SIG while you’re there. Most SIGs will have a meeting or event. This is a great way to network with fellow technologists and users, share your ideas and just be in the presence of smart people.  Attend the IOUG sessions on SIG Sunday for more great speakers and sessions.

Visit the Oracle Support Stars bar!  You know there’s actual people on the other end of that SR you’re working?   You’ve probably dealt with the same people over and over again, go say hi.   Talk about how you can help your issues move faster, what tools do they recommend, how to use My Oracle Support better…

Oracle University also offers full day events on Sunday, maybe you want to prepare for your DB 12c Certification, or you want to learn about EM High Availability, these options are additional cost, but you can register for a class while registering for Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle OpenWorld is more than just presentations and marketing and giveaways and parties.  Take advantage of being in the same spot as some of the brightest technical minds in the industry, and get as much as you can from it!  Oh, and wear really comfortable shoes.  You’ll be walking a lot!

Join me at Collaborate 2015!

In a few weeks I’ll be heading to Las Vegas for a few days of relaxation and fun.  Well, really I’ll be working, but it will still be fun!

As always, I’ve got a busy schedule planned.  Here’s where you can find me over the week if you’re attending (there will be more but this is what I know now!):

Sunday 4/12

9-12p – Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager I Learned at COLLABORATE – Hands-on Lab

This should be fun.  Three hours w/ myself, Kellyn and Werner.  We may not stay on topic, but I can promise you’ll learn something new!

Monday 4/13

9:15-10:15 – Zero to Manageability in One Hour: Build a Solid Foundation for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Learn how to properly plan, architect and implement EM12c, and how to setup the monitoring framework (roles, users, groups, templates, etc).

5:30-8:00 – Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall at EM booth

Tuesday 4/14

5:30-7:00 – Happy Hour in Exhibit Hall at EM booth

Thursday 4/16

11:00-12:00 – Under the Hood of Enterprise Manager – A Troubleshooting Primer

Really, this is Werner’s session not mine.  But if you’ve never heard him talk about EM, you’re missing out.  Learn how to troubleshoot your EM system and find out what it’s doing.

12:15-1:15 – Smarter Monitoring with Adaptive Thresholds and Time Based Metrics

Then just stay seated for my talk on advancing your monitoring with adaptive and time based thresholds, metric extensions and more.

There are many more EM sessions and I’ll be trying to hit as many as I can!   Here’s the full list and hours for the EM demo booth.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, take a look at Collaborates Plug-in to Vegas option!  For a registration fee of $395, you get access to sessions from the top 3 tracks – Cloud Computing, Database Performance and Manageability.  Sessions are broadcast live online. If you’re interested in EM12c, there’s quite a line up of sessions available, including mine!

Enterprise Manager Presentations at RMOUG Training Days 2015

RMOUG Training Days – Feb 17-19 (Denver)

This is a great regional Oracle User’s Group conference with some of the best speakers you’ll find on multiple subjects!  Something enticing about being in freezing cold temperatures during ski season I think?  My colleague Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman does a great job promoting it and making sure people get a great educational experience.   If you’re in the area, it’s a great 2 day conference!   See the agenda and register now!

I will be presenting two sessions on Thursday: Smarter Monitoring with Adaptive Thresholds and Time-Based Metrics and  Enterprise Manager 12c: Extending Beyond the DBA.  Several of my colleagues will also be there presenting and running Deep Dives covering Enterprise Manager, check out the line up of Oracle speakers presenting on #EM12c:

Tuesday 2/17
1:00 – 3:00 Hands-On: Delivering Schema as a Service with Enterprise Manager (Pete Sharman)

3:15 – 5:15 Hands-On: Delivering Pluggable Database as a Service with Enterprise Manager (Pete Sharman)

Wednesday 2/18

8:30-9:30 A Day in the Life of an Enterprise Manager Agent (Andrew Bulloch)

12:15-1:15 SIG Meetings – Enterprise Manager 12c

2:30-3:30 Enterprise Manager Snap Clone: Snapshot Your Data without Snapping Your Storage (Pete Sharman)

Thursday 2/19

9:45-10:45 Smarter Monitoring with Adaptive Thresholds and Time-Based Metrics (Courtney Llamas)

11:15-12:15 Enterprise Manager 12c: Extending Beyond the DBA (Courtney Llamas)

2:45-3:45 Under the Hood of Enterprise Manager: A Troubleshooting Primer (Werner De Gruyter)

4:00-5:00 The Power of the AWR Warehouse (Kellyn Gorman)

4:00-5:00 The High Availability Enterprise Manager Roundtable (Werner De Gruyter)

On the Books for 2015…

As always, starting 2015 with a full plate! Several presentations and papers in the works for the next few months… now if my kids could stay healthy and get back to school so I can get some real work done!   One webinar, 2 presentations, 1 whitepaper and a hands on lab in progress… oh and finding time to blog on my list of topics that keeps growing…

IOUG Webinar – Jan 21 at 12:00pm CDT – Online

I’m excited to do another webinar for IOUG this year, covering EM install and setup.  Be sure to register!

Zero to Manageability in One Hour: Build a Solid Foundation for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

The goal in every Oracle Manager 12c rollout is to take it from zero to manageability in the shortest time possible. This presentation will show you how to accomplish this feat.

Speakers will demonstrate how to properly architect and deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c implementation, including designing for high availability and scalability. Through this demonstration a list of essential techniques and tips compiled from Oracle Enterprise Manager Development’s Strategic Customer Programs team will also be shared.   Topics such as users, roles, groups, templates, and incidents will be discussed, plus key architectural decisions.

By attending this webinar, attendees will learn how to:
• Organize targets, notifications and users properly
• Configure for best practices after the install is complete
• Properly plan and architect an EM 12c environment

RMOUG Training Days – Feb 17-19 – Denver, CO

This is a great regional Oracle User’s Group conference with some of the best speakers you’ll find on multiple subjects!  Something enticing about being in freezing cold temperatures during ski season I think?    I  don’t ski, but I love this conference because I can get a little personal benefit from it.  I grew up in Fort Collins, CO and proud to be a CSU Ram.  I still have many friends and family there so when I get back I try to meet up with someone!

My colleague Kellyn Pot’vin does a great job setting up the agenda and making sure people get a great educational experience.   If you’re in the area, it’s a great 2 day conference at reasonable rates.   See the agenda here and register.

I will be presenting Enterprise Manager 12c: Extending Beyond the DBA on Thursday at 11:15.    Several of my colleagues will also be there presenting and providing Hand on Labs covering Enterprise Manager and we’ll also be holding an EM Roundtable to wrap up the conference.

Collaborate – April 12-16 – Las Vegas, NV

Last year was my first year at Collaborate and I was surprised at how big and diverse this conference was for a User Group sponsored event.  They’ve done a great job making it a full week of great sessions, exhibits and labs!  If you haven’t gone before, maybe this is the year to check it out?   You can find out about registration here.

I don’t have the schedule for my sessions, but I do know it’s going to be busy!   I have two sessions scheduled so far – Zero to Manageability in One Hour: Build a Solid Foundation for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Smarter Monitoring with Adaptive Thresholds and Time Based Metrics.  I’m also co-presenting with Werner  on Under the Hood of Enterprise Manager – a Troubleshooting Primer.  We’re hoping to get a Hand on Lab set up for EM as well, still waiting for word on that!

Besides, who doesn’t love a few days in Las Vegas?   This year the conference is at Mandalay Bay, which is where my husband and I got married almost 12 years ago. Hoping to get him to join me for a few days if we can line up a sitter!

That should be enough for this Spring right??  At least for me it is!

ECO 2014 – Zero to Manageability

I had the pleasure of presenting to the East Coast Oracle Users Group conference in Raleigh, NC on November 4th.  I had a great crowd with lots of interest and great discussions! Thanks to everyone who attended today! Slides can be downloaded here.

**Sorry for the delay, WordPress wouldn’t let me post links or images, and finally had time to sort it out! **

Getting Ready for OpenWorld 2014

This is going to be a busy month as I finish up presentations for multiple sessions at OpenWorld 2014.  It’s always such a great event, but a lot of work in September!

There’s a lot of valuable EM sessions that you can find here, but I’m going to highlight a few of the ones I’m working on with my team.

Zero to Manageability in One Hour: Build a Solid Foundation for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c [CON8134]

Wednesday, Oct 1, 12:45 PM – 1:30 PM – Moscone South – 303
Speakers: Courtney Llamas (Oracle), Kellyn Pot’Vin (Oracle),  Dan Brint (SUNY)

We’re calling this our EM 101.  While we will have to skip a lot of the basic information due to the shorten sessions, this is geared towards those who are installing or upgrading to EM 12c and would like to learn from our experience with our “Fast Track” Methodology.   Even if you’ve already implemented or upgraded, you might learn a thing or two about organizing targets or managing your EM system.  We will also save some time for one of our customers (State University of New York) to share their experience in this process.

Abstract: Learn how to properly architect and deploy your Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c implementation, including designing for high availability and scalability. This session focuses on the essential tasks an implementation team must do to ensure Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rollouts occur in a timely fashion and deliver a solid foundation for exploiting the marquee features of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Topics such as users, roles, groups, templates, and incidents are discussed, plus key architectural decisions. The Strategic Customer Programs team in Oracle Enterprise Manager Development works with customers worldwide to guide them to success with their implementations and has compiled some essential techniques and tips for getting from zero to manageability in the shortest time possible. 

Under the Hood: Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 [CON8225]

Monday, Sep 29, 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM – Moscone South – 302
Speakers:  Werner DeGruyter (Oracle), Andrew Bulloch (Oracle)

This is our “graduate level” class.  For the people responsible for EM day by day, who have to troubleshoot performance issues or agent issues, this session is for you!  Don’t miss out.

Abstract:  This session equips attendees with the knowledge they need in order to understand the health and status of Oracle Enterprise Manager. It covers essential background information on the Oracle Enterprise Manager infrastructure (such as the repository and the agent) and selected managed targets. Building on this knowledge, the session then looks a little deeper and discusses techniques and tips for monitoring the performance of Oracle Enterprise Manager and tuning any bottlenecks that are commonly identified in Oracle Enterprise Manager. It also explores the essential parts of the Oracle Enterprise Manager UI every Oracle Enterprise Manager administrator should be familiar with and discusses some techniques for logging and tracing to assist in diagnosing problems.

Wait, there’s more!

In addition to the sessions above, I’ll be co-presenting with a few customers on their sessions, so come see how real customers are using EM to manage and monitor their targets!

Advanced Diagnostics and Monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c [CON4114]

Thursday, Oct 2, 10:45 AM – 11:30 AM – Moscone South – 301
Speakers:  Tyler Sharp (Cerner), Aaron Rimel (Cerner), Courtney Llamas

Abstract:  This session covers how Cerner Corporation, a leading healthcare IT company, leverages Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for database-specific thresholds, creating proactive monitoring of 26,000+ targets. Learn how to scrape Automatic Workload Repository data combined with Oracle Enterprise Manager repository data, exploiting common script issues in a homogeneous environment or personalized thresholds with historical data to proactively alarm, hours or even days before a potential outage. Report on compliance to feed management data on complexity and compliance of your data centers. With metric extensions, Cerner realized a 40 percent reduction in patient hours affected. Increase returns on your Oracle Enterprise Manager investment, and move your organization to proactive smart alerting.

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager to Deliver Multitenant DBaaS on Oracle Exadata: Lessons Learned [CON5875]

Tuesday, Sep 30, 5:00 PM – 5:45 PM – Moscone South – 301
Speakers:  Manish Shah (Hartford), Brian Bennett (Hartford), Courtney Llamas

Abstract: Have you migrated to or are you planning to migrate to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c? Want to know how to automate repetitive tasks and categorize and auto-assign targets to customized monitoring and alerting groups based on bronze, silver, and gold definitions in your DBaaS catalog? This session shows how to build an Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c framework aligned with your organizational model to manage targets on various platforms such as Oracle Database 12c pluggable and container databases. You’ll also learn how to optimize these targets on Oracle Exadata with a combination of administrative and privilege propagating groups, target properties, monitoring templates, and enterprise rule sets, resulting in a flexible yet scalable operational setup for your DBaaS offerings.

Full Visibility into Oracle WebLogic/Java Diagnostics with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c [CON5983]

Monday, Sep 29, 5:15 PM – 6:00 PM – Moscone South – 200
Speakers:  Mark Consoles (Omgeo), Eldad Ganin (Omgeo), Avi Huber (Oracle)

Abstract: In this session, hear how Omgeo’s application team has leveraged Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to streamline monitoring and management of its Oracle WebLogic Servers, JVMs, Oracle iPlanet Web Servers, and more to ensure that it can maximize the visibility and reliability of the company’s application systems built on Oracle technology to their fullest extent. By leveraging JVM Diagnostics and Oracle WebLogic monitoring to pinpoint and isolate problems in product environments without having to reproduce them in a test environment, Omgeo has been able to cut down its root cause analysis by orders of magnitude