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EM 101 – Required Training

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series – Enterprise Manager (Doc ID 1625635.1) – The best comprehensive EM Admin 101 training I’ve seen to date.  Really, you must watch these.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Zero to Manageability: Lessons Learned from the Strategic Customer Programs Fast Track Installation Method   – The 411 on Installing, Configuring and getting started with Monitoring!

Operational Considerations and Troubleshooting Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Administration, troubleshooting and diagnostic tips for OEM 12c.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Software Planned Maintenance – Strategies and examples of how to patch EM with multiple OMSes or standby OMSes, rolling and non-rolling.

Strategies for Scalable, Smarter Monitoring using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c – Everything you need to know for setting up groups, incident rules, users and roles.


Enterprise Manager Resource Portfolio  (Doc ID 1614313.2)

Oracle Premier Support – Enterprise Manager News – Quarterly Newsletter (Doc ID 1449687.1)

Information Center: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (Doc ID 1379818.2)

Oracle Learning Library  – Screenwatches and webcasts over Enterprise Manager 12c, and more.

Live Webcasts and Replays


Download EM from OTN
Extensibility Exchange – Download Plug-ins and Connectors, Share your Metric Extensions, Corrective Actions, etc.


OTN Forum
MOS Forum


Network Ports Used in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c



EM12c Release 4: Upgrading Agents with Ease

Simplified Agent and Plug-in Deployment


Hands on Monitoring Exercises with Enterprise Manager

Getting to Know Your Targets with All Metrics View

Managing Metric Thresholds

Standardize Target Monitoring with Templates

Leveraging Target Properties to Enhance Enterprise Manager Capabilities

SMS Notifications from Enterprise Manager

Automating the Mundane with Corrective Actions and Oracle Enterprise Manager

Metric Extensions

Create a Metric Extension to notify on expiring DBSNMP accounts

EM12c Release 4: Using Repository Side Metric Extensions to Alert on Collected Metrics

Monitoring Archive Area % Used on Cluster Databases 

Fast Recovery Area for Archive Destination



Patching 101 – The User Friendly Guide to Understanding EM Patches

Enterprise Manager Patching FAQ

Applying Enterprise Manager 12c Recommended Patches (Doc ID 1664074.1)

EM 12c Cloud Control: List of Available Patch Set Updates PSU (Doc ID 1605609.1)

Enterprise Manager (PS3) Master Bundle Patch List (Doc ID 1900943.1)

How to Determine the List of Patch Set Update(PSU) Applied to the Enterprise Manager OMS and Agent Oracle Homes? (Doc ID 1358092.1)

Resolving Conflicts While Patching the EM Agent


12C Cloud Control: Understanding Job System and Manage Using EM Cloud Control 12C (Doc ID 1389236.1)


Who Needs to be Super?