EM 12cR5 – What’s the Scoop?

In case you missed the announcement, EM has been announced.  See https://blogs.oracle.com/oem/entry/new_enterprise_manager_release_allows for details.

Many of my customers have heard about the release of EM last week and wondering what are the new features and whether they should plan to update right away.

The main new feature in is the Hybrid Cloud, which essentially enables a customer to use their on-premise Enterprise Manager to view their Oracle  Cloud targets.  This has been a long requested feature allowing the customers to manage and monitor their Oracle Cloud targets alongside their on-premise targets.   This also enables additional features, such as easy cloning to and from the Oracle Cloud.

The Database Plug-in has been updated to with the main features also enhancing the Hybrid Cloud experience.   For Exadata customers, this plug-in will enable thin cloning options on Exadata ACFS.

The Middleware Plug-in has also been updated to and will enable additional MW cloud options such as allowing users to deploy JVMD agents to Oracle Cloud virtual hosts,

Additional updates have been made to the Cloud, Virtual Infrastructure and Chargeback and Consolidation Plug-ins to enhance and enable the Hybrid Cloud functions.
In summary, if you are an Oracle Cloud customer, then this release is a must upgrade!   For full details about the new features enabled in the upgrade see the documentation here.