Ready to Roll… Oracle Open World 2019

Oracle Open World 2019

This has been a busy year! Many of you know that I’ve been primarily focusing on Oracle Management Cloud for the last few years. This year, I’m back to working both Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud. It’s good getting back to my roots in Oracle Enterprise Manager, but a definitely a technical challenge to stay on top of both! Preparing for Open World sessions, demos and customer visits has kept me busy this summer.

If you are attending Oracle Open World next week, there’s a lot of great sessions in the Enterprise and Cloud Manageability areas. This program guide will be constantly updated so you can be sure to get up to date information. Keep the link handy next week! Be sure to check out the hands on labs that we are providing this year as well. This is always an excellent time to get more information on hot features, or try out something you haven’t used before. Also, be sure to visit the demo booths to meet with the product managers or developers directly. We love to meet our customers and hear directly from them.

Monday, September 16

I’ll be at the Demo Grounds from 10am-1pm today, look for me around the Real-Time Insight into Machine Data with Oracle Log Analytics Cloud (OMC-008) demo booth.

After lunch join me with a few of our customers to hear about what they have been doing with Oracle Enterprise Manager and see if you can learn some new tricks in my customer panel Oracle Enterprise Manager Best Practices That Customers Actually Follow (PAN5174) at 01:45 PM – 02:30 PM in Moscone South – Room 209.

Tuesday, September 17

Tuesday I’ll start my day from 10am-2pm at the End-to-End Database Performance Management (OMC-003) demo booth.

Be sure to attend the The Future of Oracle Enterprise Manager and Management Cloud: Strategy and Roadmap (GEN5111) at 11:15am – Moscone South – Room 207/208 to get the latest update on all our manageability offerings presented by our SVP Wim Coekaerts.

Wednesday, September 18

Join me in my final session Top Five Things You Should Be Doing in Oracle Enterprise Manager (CON5173) at 9:00 AM in Moscone South – Room 205 to learn how to go beyond the basic monitoring and alerting and see what value Oracle Enterprise Manager can add. We’ll talk about resiliency, extensibility and lifecycle management.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Recommendations

Hear from Akshai Duggal, Nara Gogineni and Karl Dias on how Oracle made the paradigm shift from Target monitoring to Service monitoring and how our SaaS DevSecops teams improved Service Availability using Enterprise Manager in Managing at Hyperscale: Oracle Enterprise Manager as the Nerve Center of Oracle (CON5175) Tuesday at 04:15 PM in Moscone South – Room 155C.

Some other session I’m trying to attend are Control Configuration Drift with Oracle Enterprise Manager (CON5118) and Smart, Secure, and Lean Database Monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager (CON5137).

There really are so many Oracle Enterprise Manager sessions this year, too many to list them all. You can find them in this search or use the Program Guide to browse through! If you need some personal recommendations, please reach out!

Oracle Management Cloud Recommendations

Another great one from Akshai Duggal and Eric Barlow It’s 4a.m.: Do you Know Where All Your Environment Logs Are? (CON5350) Wednesday 11:15 in Moscone South 155A about how Oracle is using Log Analytics in house to analyze more than 200 log types from their SaaS applications.

For more on Log Analytics check out How to Troubleshoot Databases and Exadata Using Oracle Log Analytics Cloud (CON5171) on Monday at 10:00 AM in Moscone South – Room 211 or Efficient Troubleshooting Using Machine Learning in Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Monday (CON5172) at 02:45 PM in Moscone South – Room 155D.

If you’re looking for IT Analytics, check out Database Management in DevOps Environments with Advanced Analytics (CON5180) on Thursday at 9:00 AM in Moscone South – Room 155D.

Ana McCollum has some great monitoring sessions including Monitoring Your Oracle GoldenGate On-Premise and Cloud Environments (CON5238) on Wednesday at 4:45 PM in Moscone South – Room 155D as well as Best Practices for Monitoring Your Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Environments (CON5134) on Tuesday at 4:15 PM in Moscone South – Room 155D.